Sunday, August 16, 2009

Way to go Survivors!!

What a wonderful morning for a little challenge. Today was the first ever Coach James' Survivor Challenge and we had some serious competition. We couldn't have asked for better conditions at the
CSM Cross-country course
. If you haven't been here for a run, I highly recommend it. It's nearly a perfect 3 miles with hills and incredible views overlooking the Crystal Springs Reservior and 280.
Since we'll be doing this event again next year I can't give away the challenges but we had some very creative participants.

Hats off to our winners:

Kat took first place with some very creative thinking and mad skillz!
Krissy was right behind her having mastered the challenging games in no time.
Steph & Bob tied for third when they climbed the hill together all smiles and three bands showing.

On this figure eight course contestants could yield their competitors for 5 minutes and the board saw a lot of action. Poor Gia was the biggest victim getting two back-to-back yields costing her 10 minutes. "Thanks, guys!"
Big thanks to the volunteers who helped run the challenges and keep the challenge humming: Santi, David, Riya, Reesa and Alan.

Thanks also to PowerBar for the great prizes.

More great photos from the event here:
Survivor Challenge

Be sure and join us in December for Coach James' Scavenger Hunt, this annual favorite takes on a new city. You won't want to miss it!

Follow all the action and lock in all the runs at

- Coach James

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