Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goal for 2010 - The entire Rock n Roll Endurance Series

It's time to announce my running goal for 2010. I plan to be the first person to complete the entire Rock n Roll Endurance Series in a single year. This popular series of marathon and half marathon events has expanded to a total of 11 events for 2010 including 7 marathons and 4 more halfs and I plan to run them all.

I know this sounds crazy but I'm confident I can do it. This year I will complete 7 marathons and 3 halfs so I know it is doable. Even for a 42 year old masters runner like me.

But what might be the biggest challenge is covering all the costs, so I'm seeking sponsors to help me through this quest. Sponsoring me represents a unique marketing opportunity for your company as this is a full year sponsorship covering 11 major cities, training throughout the year and media and new media exposure opportunities. If you sponsor me, I will wear your corporate logo, use your products and promote healthier lifestyles to your constituents especially those in the important 25-55 year age groups. Having completed 17 marathons thus far and shooting to complete 50 marathons by my 50th birthday, I am a living example of staying healthy for life and how you can to; because I only took up endurance running six years ago.

Won't you sponsor me and help me achieve this incredible goal?

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