Monday, September 7, 2009

Disneyland makes Five!

Just got back from SoCal where 18 SMSers completed the Disneyland Half Marathon. We got really lucky with the weather - cool and overcast at the start and it stayed that way until around 10am. This is a really fun event. Mostly flat course that starts with a quick tour through the Magic Kingdom, them heads out into the city of Anaheim. It wonders through the city streets before heading over to the Anaheim sports complex. This starts with the Honda Center, home of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey team, then down to the Big A - Angels Stadium. This was a real treat because this year we ran through the stadium, skirting the outfield which was lined with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who cheered us on passionately, holding out their hands for a high five. I think I ran this mile in 6 minutes, it was so energizing. To make it even better everyone got their mugs on the jumbotron and had their names announced over the PA system - very cool!

This was my third Disney event of the year, following the Goofy Challenge in January and upon finishing I picked up my 5th Disney Racing medal. From DisneyWorld I picked up the prestigious Donald medal for the Half Marathon, the Mickey medal for the full Marathon and the Goofy for completing both in the same weekend - quite an experience. Disneyland provided the Magic Kingdom medal for its Half Marathon, followed by the Coast to Coast medal which features Walt hand in hand with his signature creation - Mickey. It's a beautiful and heavy medal. Well worth the effort.

These events are pretty special, due to the crowds, the passion Disney throws into them and all the costumed participants. Very cool to see so many Tinkerbells, Tiggers, Minnies, Mickeys, Peter Pans and Pocohantas runners. Best costume went to the woman who ran as Pooh in a teddy bear costume covering her torso. Looked like a hot costume to do 13 miles in, but she crossed the line smiling.

Kudos too to all the TNT runners who finished the event. Was surprising and exciting to the see the El Paso Chapter represented - that's my home town.

Next up:
Nike Women's Marathon in October - I'll be coaching for all the northern California TNTers. This is a killer event. Gorgeous course and usually great weather. The event in whole supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and has raised millions for the cause in past years. This will be no exception.

In 2010, I'll be raising $10,000 for the LLS through my efforts to be the first person to finish all 11 events in's Rock and Roll Endurance Series. Follow my efforts on Twitter at RnRJames.